1958 – CHIKO – 1988 
MY SON – 1958

MY MATE – 1988
It happened one night late
One a.m. so they said.
Did someone cut him off and put him off the straight?
Through the guardrail down into the river
Was here he met his fate.
His truck, the “W”
Landed at the bottom
Still standing up straight
The load kept coming through
The sleeper pinning him to his
Pearl steering wheel, light blue
And broke a rib or two.
But he saved a life that night
He held on to the wheel
All night, sitting in his seat upright
At 7am down they came
Came down to take him out.
They said he died last night at one or thereabouts
But what a fright they got
When they found someone was still in the wreck alive.
Feebly calling our
Trapped in there with him in the cab all night.
Had he been found earlier in the night
Maybe My Son, My Mate
Might still be here and be alright.
In my old age and fading health
I miss you more and more
‘til we meet again Dad.

P.V. 12.07.01