1933 - 2007


I lived my life with only knowing dad as a truckie
He made many friends and to me they were lucky
To know a man who had such a love for life
For all his kids and his loving wife
He drove the roads day and night
And some near misses gave him a fright
But that was his job
All the time to earn a bob
He had a few years of retirement
To enjoy some life and merriment
Until he and mum became ill
He did his best with his strong will
He never let down his guard
Until it all became too hard
In the end he called all his mates
To ask to meet for a final date
This special man needed to say goodbye
And asked that they all not cry
He called his children together
To say that in their hearts he would stay forever
Enough pain for a life to endure
He wanted to be in peace for sure
He closed his eyes and went to sleep
This man in my heart I will forever keep
To my children Nikki and Jason he was POP
To my grandchildren he was BIG POP
To everyone else he was GORDY
But to me he was DAD
Lots of Love Always
Your loving daughter