My Dad


5th July 1939 – 2nd February 2007


Thinking of you Dad
Words from the heart is where I’ll have to start
Just to let you know I miss you so
One could never have known
The feelings that have followed
No one could ever have known
how much I miss you so
If I could just have


One more phone call
I would talk to you forever………
………If I could just have
one more hug
I would never let you go…….
Oh Dad I miss you so
Let’s just have another beer
And go back to the start
To let you know
just how I feel
so deep within the heart
Not enough time goes by that
I don’t cry
I guess it’s a funny way
To keep you in my day
Yet I know it’s just the feeling
That I love you very much
that brings me back to say……


…..I miss you Daddy each and every day